Aircraft Management

As a competent partner Star Wings provides all services to maintain the aircraft management with regards to technical and economic factors.

Our professional management is responsible for fulfilling legal regulations, crew on standby, optimized insurance concepts and coordinates the professional maintenance procedures with our own CAMO.

All crew members of Star Wings are competent and well experienced with the newest training instructions/courses. Regular flight trainings at the simulator belong to our security standards so the client feels comfortable to enjoy the time on board or to prepare a business meeting. Additionally, we provide Aircraft Management Solutions, which cover the demands of the new guidelines in accordance with EASA-ORO for private holders of complex aircraft.


  • Analysing your individual flight requirements
  • Sourcing the right aircraft type for your flight needs
  • Market analyses, Consultation of purchase
  • Consultation with regard to financing concept
  • Arrangement of the airworthiness certificate


  • Fuel Consulting: supply of our negotiated agreements for an efficient and cost effective fueling
  • Crew: Supply, education and continues training of the flight crews
  • Charter: chartering the aircraft to third parties, to reduce the overhead costs
  • Aircraft insurances packages through well negotiated agreements with major insurance companies
  • Planing: worldwide flight planing through well experienced dispatchers in the operations department


  • Overseeing and managing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Procurement odf spareparts / logistics
  • Own in-house CAMO